The best king prawns ever.

King prawns with mayonnaise and shredded mozzarella cheese, de-freaking-licious! I’m a diehard seafood fan, and I’ve gotta eat my fill before I have to start worrying about cholesterol levels. Eileen’s mum ALWAYS makes them whenever we go over, love her mum!! Dad bought some huge prawns back today (not huge enough for me though) so we had the exact same thing for lunch. My mittens brushed against the heating coil of the toaster for a split second and good lord, there was a small spark and fire! If those were my bare fingers, I’d be in Changi hospital weeping away, swearing never to go near the oven or toaster again. Anyway, Mum said that the prawns were too fishy (they were very very fresh though) so the next time round, we’ll probably add some garlic or whatsoever, and definitely more cheese.  I’m turning into the weekend resident chef who cooks, bakes, eats and watch dramas on TV! At this rate, I’m never gonna get my school work done


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