White choc cranberry oatmeal cookies

I had 5 of these for diner despite my cough, flu and impending fever. They were delightfully sweet, but it came from the cranberries and white chocolate. I love the way white chocolate complements all berries, a balance which neither milk nor dark chocolate can match up to.

The cookies were a little soft, but not chewy in the way I wanted them to be. I’m always at the 2 extreme spectral ends; they’re either crunchy (I like crunchy!) or cake-like soft. If only I could make cookies like the ones sold at Subway. Somebody, teach me? 🙂

I wanted a hint of citrus, so I prepared some orange zest which I absent-mindedly left out while making the batter. The white chips from Phoon Huat were also too minuscule to be savoured. What a pity… BUT STILL, despite my little mistakes, they were awesome. Next time round, I’ll remember the zest and use Ghirardelli white chips. It’s so hard to find quality ingredients in Singapore. Some niche supermarkets carry the more interesting ingredients, but price wise… If I could go to Australia again, I’ll ship a truckload of chocolate and cream cheese back!

And when time and money permits, I’ll start investing in some food props.



Green tea white choc macarons.

Unfortunately, these didn’t taste as good as the ones I made on Saturday during lesson at Bakincalf 😦 I suppose they are passable for a first unguided attempt, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. I have no idea why my white chocolate ganache looked and tasted like condensed milk. That’s quite frustrating since I spent $5.50 on the ganache ingredients while condensed milk is way lot cheaper… I hope they do turn out better tomorrow morning.

When the class did the baking on Saturday, we only had to wait 30 minutes for the shells to form before we popped them into the oven. I had to wait two whole hours before a barely passable shell formed. It could be because the eggs were too cold, or that there was excessive moisture in the air (I read somewhere that it affects, I don’t know). Not to mention that the weather has been a bitch recently, jumping from scorching hot to pouring rain throughout the day.

My second attempt with the piping bag, so please cut me some slack!

I suppose this happens due to under-baking. The second batch wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t clean either. They were kinda over chewy, but I read that macarons taste better on day 2. I hope so!

You know what, I actually ate 3 bloody macarons after 10pm! There goes the run I did today and I’m gonna do a 100 sit ups now to make up for that. I can’t believe that I’m baking and munching away when I have my A level Chemistry SPA tomorrow. After Wednesday, the only experiment I’ll ever carry out again is baking! I will, will, will master these some day!

Creamy lemon oat bars

These creamy lemon oat bars were god-like. Sinking your teeth into soft, chewy baked condensed milk topped with crumbly oats on a moody Monday morning might just send the blues away. You do see some burnt milk, no? It tasted like caramel. My only grouse was that there wasn’t enough condensed milk. The bars were sweet enough, (and maybe even too sweet for Asian palate) but would you say no to a thicker layer of creamy goodness? The recipe called for one can, but I never knew the cans in Singapore were slightly smaller. I’m usually skeptical about bars (they’re not the easiest thing to digest), but hey, I’m sure the oats will save the day no?

Here’s heaven sandwiched between 2 healthy layers of oats! A friend even suggested having condensed milk as a bread spread. I used to have chilled condensed milk with macaroni when I was young, hmmm. If you’re a die-hard fan of PB and condensed milk, you’ll have to try the thick toasts at the Hong Kong cafes!

Alright, so there goes my baking session for the week, time to hit the books! Oh, and did I mention that VJ soccer girls won national champion?! Yeeha!


Peanut Butter cookies

Guess who’s back with peanut butter cookies on a Friday night! All hail PB and TGIF!  Anyway, I’m really glad the cookies turned out right; my waning motivation could do with a little boost after the muffin disaster last week. Also, because the electricity bill was a whopping $400+ last month, I’ll be limiting all kitchen activities to once per week. That will probably go well with my wallet, tummy and school work  

Honey roasted sounds so darn good! I know this is the exact brand of PB that was once recalled over salmonella in 2007, but I only found out after I made my purchase. Ah well, it’s safe for consumption now anyway. It’s like how you can’t boycott milk forever because of China’s melamine scandal.

The dough was easy to work with and the cookies tasted good! I really, really hate working with overly greasy and soft dough. I ran out of brown sugar and PB, and also reduced the butter just in case I get a greasy mess. There were patches of oil every where, but the cookies weren’t as moist as I thought they’d be. Maybe I could use more PB and throw in PB M&Ms the next time round; no one ever says no to PB!

I’ll have one for breakfast tomorrow before my run, just to make sure that they still taste good, and hopefully even better! Thank god these cookies are in time for Mothers’ day and the dance concert I’ll be attending tomorrow