Corn muffins

I’ve been too busy with World Cup and exams to bake for the past 2 months (okay more of World cup!), but I’m back now with corn muffins. I’ve been wanting to make them ever since I had them at Kenny Rogers on Sheena’s birthday. It’s supposedly a duplicate recipe of the ones you get at Kenny Rogers, but they taste a little different. The honey taste here is quite dominant, but I guess that depends on the kind of honey you use too.

2 months away from the oven and I think I’ve lost some of my mojo for baking 😦 Made a few little mistakes here and there, and I wasn’t all that excited about stepping into the kitchen. Gotta get back on track soon or my dream of opening a bakery will go up in smoke. There’s only a 100 more days to the A’s, but I reckon there’s still the long break next year for me to get things right :> For now, it’s back to the books 😎