Raspberry Cream Cheese Buns



They look like muffins but they’re supposed to be buns. I was too lazy to get another tray so I filled the cups to the brim and they muffin-ed out. Texture wise, it was 3/4 muffin and 1/4 mochi-like. The addition of cream cheese makes it a little more dense, but I was hoping for something denser, perhaps a cross between bread and cheesecake. This recipe comes from Magnolia Bakery in New York and the buns are one of their most popular breakfast items. I thought they were quite good, but Dad tried 1/4 and said he’ll stop there because he’s afraid of getting fat. Maybe I didn’t bake them well enough, or perhaps muffins just aren’t his thing. The last time I remembered, he devoured the entire durian cake.



A sunny side up toast!

This has to be my best breakfast treat so far! Fuss-free, quick and tasy. No need for oil, frying pan or cleaning up; all you need is foil.

Spread some tuna, lace it with mayo, crack an egg, drizzle some sauce and then sprinkle pepper. Pop it on the toaster, wait, and then gobble. Make sure the yolk doesn’t overcook, or there’ll be no oozy yellow goodness to flood the toast and make your day!

Blueberry cream muffins

I was angry and bitter with the weather; it was disastrously hot this afternoon but had to rain just before my evening run Since I couldn’t go for my run and there was hardly any homework (I hope I’m right about this), what better place to head than the kitchen!

A little BB therapy goes a long way when your day ain’t going well. I wish I had a DSLR to capture better photos! The other day, I told Mavis that I had three fifty in my DSLR fund. “Three hundred and fifty?” “No, 3 dollars and 50 cents.”

I really love how good muffins smell! You open the oven door, and the aroma diffuses in a split second. My mum who was on the 2nd floor immediately went “Are you baking again?!” If I were to do badly for my A levels (I HOPE NOT), we would probably find chains and locks on the oven door.

It’s 10.40pm now and I’m getting hungry from looking at the photos! The muffins were moist, scrumptious and had the right level of sweetness. While they did taste good, my quest for the perfect BB muffin recipe is far from over!


Chocolate pancakes

Guess who woke up at 430am in search of food a few days back? Dinner the previous night was a hazelnut latte at coffee bean, which i didn’t enjoy 😦 I am a true blue Starbucks fan, nothing beats a green tea frappe! Because I had so much time before school started, I decided to do chocolate pancakes. They were supposed to come with chocolate chips and sauce, but because it was breakfast, I left those out.

The texture and flavour were pretty good, but something was missing. Maybe they would have tasted better with bananas, but the batter started getting moldy by the third day before I could make a second batch. The verdict? Plain buttermilk pancakes are still the best!