Cardinal sin: Durian buttercream cake

Instead of doing my evening run last night, I was in the kitchen licking durian buttercream.  If I hadn’t promised Dad a durian cake when he returned from his trip, I wouldn’t have attempted a layer cake that soon. True enough, the sponge layers were terribly uneven, but taste wise… divine. This cake may not cater to western palate, but if you love durians, you have to try this out!

I warned my Dad that it wasn’t anywhere near healthy, but he polished off the entire slice for breakfast this morning. The durian flavour was very intense, but I personally would have liked it to be very, very, very intense haha! And check out the durian fibers! Unless you blend the durian flesh into pulp, the fibers will get entangled in your whisk. It’s okay, you can always wrestle it out with a fork like I did.

It was virtually impossible to remove the entire chunk of flesh from the seed, so whatever that wouldn’t come off went straight into my mouth! Because of the durian, it’s even more expensive to bake this than a cheesecake.

The sponge itself tasted so good warm, I couldn’t help but pinch a little. God knows how many calories I consumed in the process of making the cake!!

This was after I covered the cake with durian cream last night. I didn’t have a lazy susan turntable or offset spatula, so I had to make do a normal spatula and uh… chopping board. My mum laughed and said it looked like shit At least it tasted good!

Terrible layering but the copious amount of durian made up for it! I halved the sponge recipe but used 2/3 of the buttercream, can’t be stingy when it comes to durian nom nom nom! The amount of butter the buttercream recipe called for scared the bejesus out of me, so I reduced it from 200g to 150g. Even then, I could still taste a hint of the butter when the cake was still warm I really, really hate buttercream, whipped cream or any cream that greases my mouth. Fortunately, I could barely taste the butter after chilling it overnight. Unfortunately, I know it’s still there. The next time I make this, which I definitely will if time permits, I’ll reduce the butter even further and chuck in even more flesh! It’s gonna be a close-to-pure durian cake, and not durian buttercream!



Death by chocolate

A few weeks ago, my secondary 2 clique got me a dark chocolate truffle cake from Royals cafe on my birthday. It was so darn good that I, despite not liking ganache, couldn’t stop. I would probably have bought the truffle cake instead of risking failure in the kitchen, but things are different now with a food blog.

Oh wait, why is there a feather on my egg?!

That’s not whipped cream, it’s 3 egg whites whipped with sugar!

While it was cooking, I toyed with the idea of doing a ganache. The recipe didn’t call for that, but I was afraid the cake would look plain. True enough, it turned out looking plain. But it was so, so, so decadent on the first bite, I knew the ganache had to go.

I was supposed to bake it in a round tin, but… you can’t cut off the sides to try without ruining a round cake! I had about 2 mouthfuls and then decided it was more than enough. Unless you’re a die-hard chocolate fan where repercussions are secondary, it’s hard to not feel guilty. It looks like a brownie, but the truffle has a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Or at least that was how it tasted a moment ago when it came out of the oven.

I’ll be bringing this for my food party with the Twitter mates tomorrow, hopefully Jonathan would take better pictures. Baking with an Iphone is very handy, but not when it comes to pictures. I’m getting sick of chocolates of any kind and I’m swearing it off for a month; good old plain sugar cookies are way better!