Eileen’s sugar cookie

People swear by their mothers’ or grandmothers’ recipes. For me, I swear by my best friend’s. Eileen first baked these for us in Secondary 3 – I fell in love with it immediately. The cookie was crisp, sweet and not too buttery. I still don’t know the difference between a butter and sugar cookie, but I like my plain cookies crunchy and grease-free.

Despite the countless photos we took together, there’s not a decent one of the 7 of us in school uniform 😦

The cookies looked a little pale, I don’t know why! Maybe I’ll add in brown sugar next time round.

Anyway, I went on a sugar cookie craze after that and my maid would make them all the time without even me asking. Some time and some how later, the sugar cookies disappeared and Eileen hardly brought them to school anymore. 2 weeks ago, they came right back into my life in a huge pack as a concert gift from her. I couldn’t stop munching and I knew I had to make them again!!

This is the 2nd year that we’ve all graduated, but I still miss AHS very much. As ugly as our uniform may have been (think long pleated white skirt, blouse with metal buttons, and the fugly school socks that cost $5 a pair!), I think we all looked happier back then.