Green tea white choc macarons.

Unfortunately, these didn’t taste as good as the ones I made on Saturday during lesson at Bakincalf 😦 I suppose they are passable for a first unguided attempt, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. I have no idea why my white chocolate ganache looked and tasted like condensed milk. That’s quite frustrating since I spent $5.50 on the ganache ingredients while condensed milk is way lot cheaper… I hope they do turn out better tomorrow morning.

When the class did the baking on Saturday, we only had to wait 30 minutes for the shells to form before we popped them into the oven. I had to wait two whole hours before a barely passable shell formed. It could be because the eggs were too cold, or that there was excessive moisture in the air (I read somewhere that it affects, I don’t know). Not to mention that the weather has been a bitch recently, jumping from scorching hot to pouring rain throughout the day.

My second attempt with the piping bag, so please cut me some slack!

I suppose this happens due to under-baking. The second batch wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t clean either. They were kinda over chewy, but I read that macarons taste better on day 2. I hope so!

You know what, I actually ate 3 bloody macarons after 10pm! There goes the run I did today and I’m gonna do a 100 sit ups now to make up for that. I can’t believe that I’m baking and munching away when I have my A level Chemistry SPA tomorrow. After Wednesday, the only experiment I’ll ever carry out again is baking! I will, will, will master these some day!