Corn muffins

I’ve been too busy with World Cup and exams to bake for the past 2 months (okay more of World cup!), but I’m back now with corn muffins. I’ve been wanting to make them ever since I had them at Kenny Rogers on Sheena’s birthday. It’s supposedly a duplicate recipe of the ones you get at Kenny Rogers, but they taste a little different. The honey taste here is quite dominant, but I guess that depends on the kind of honey you use too.

2 months away from the oven and I think I’ve lost some of my mojo for baking 😦 Made a few little mistakes here and there, and I wasn’t all that excited about stepping into the kitchen. Gotta get back on track soon or my dream of opening a bakery will go up in smoke. There’s only a 100 more days to the A’s, but I reckon there’s still the long break next year for me to get things right :> For now, it’s back to the books 😎



Raspberry Cream Cheese Buns



They look like muffins but they’re supposed to be buns. I was too lazy to get another tray so I filled the cups to the brim and they muffin-ed out. Texture wise, it was 3/4 muffin and 1/4 mochi-like. The addition of cream cheese makes it a little more dense, but I was hoping for something denser, perhaps a cross between bread and cheesecake. This recipe comes from Magnolia Bakery in New York and the buns are one of their most popular breakfast items. I thought they were quite good, but Dad tried 1/4 and said he’ll stop there because he’s afraid of getting fat. Maybe I didn’t bake them well enough, or perhaps muffins just aren’t his thing. The last time I remembered, he devoured the entire durian cake.


Domestic disaster: charred muffins.

The last time I checked, it was okay to bake using Toblerone. I was so excited to try out Nigella’s raspberry and white chocolate muffins using blueberries, and I was pretty sure they would be one of the best muffins I’ll ever make. But… Something went terribly wrong. They were supposed to go under “Favourites!”, but now they’re going to “Flops”

I love white Toblerone so much, I can eat them with pancakes. What a pity that the muffins turned out disastrous 😦

Honestly, the batter looked so promising! That was a hell lot of false hopes.

Right from the moment I set the pan in, there was a burning smell, which I casually dismissed. 20 minutes later, they came out of the oven charred. I tried some of them, and the muffin tops still tasted good. The muffin itself wasn’t too bad, but the unsightly carcinogenic parts were a huge turn off, and in my mum’s words, “a health hazard!” There goes my Toblerone 😦

I’m going to try this again though, but only after some read up. Next time round, I’ll use baking chips and make sure they’re way hidden and away from the top so they won’t burn. I confess that I was greedy enough to add 10 additional grams of Toblerone and left them in relatively large chunks. Some of the submerged white chocolate chunks actually oozed out from the muffin tops, leaving a huge black mess on the muffin tray. Le sigh! Any advice anyone? Time to pull up my (baking) socks!!

PB choc chip muffins with cream cheese filling

I confess: I’m addicted to muffins! Everytime I go mad about something, I have to have it at least once a day. In primary school, it was fishballs drenched in chilli, then it was Subway, ThaiPan (almost every Victorian would rave about their butter squid) and now, muffins.

I used to synonmise muffins with cupcakes, associating them with sugar and air, so I never bothered having one. Last December, I had one of my first muffins on the airplane, and the second one in Melbourne.

Before you dismiss it as uninteresting, I have to tell you that SIA serves good food and of course, muffins.

And this, the first and best cranberry muffin I ever had. I got it at the cafe of some Koala park in Melbourne, and all I wanted to eat on the trip after that were muffins.

Some of the blueberry muffins I did the other day were under-baked (my friend said the centre tasted like mochi, so remember to keep to the full 20 minutes!), so I had to do some better muffins to make it up.

You do see some cream cheese peeking at you don’t you! My mum said the cheese was sour and didn’t complement the PB, but imho, cream cheese goes well with everything! Just make sure that the cream cheese batter is sweet enough and not sour, and I suppose it’ll taste good!

I reduced the amount of chocolate chips because I am truly and utterly sick of chocolate. So there you go, a few hidden morsels!

These muffins are like cups on sin, so you shouldn’t eat more than 1 in a seating or your butt and thighs will never forgive you! And for the record, I missed school today not to bake, but because I was genuinely unwell (okay, slightly unwell)!! Gonna maintain full attendance for the rest of this month, I promise!


Blueberry cream muffins

I was angry and bitter with the weather; it was disastrously hot this afternoon but had to rain just before my evening run Since I couldn’t go for my run and there was hardly any homework (I hope I’m right about this), what better place to head than the kitchen!

A little BB therapy goes a long way when your day ain’t going well. I wish I had a DSLR to capture better photos! The other day, I told Mavis that I had three fifty in my DSLR fund. “Three hundred and fifty?” “No, 3 dollars and 50 cents.”

I really love how good muffins smell! You open the oven door, and the aroma diffuses in a split second. My mum who was on the 2nd floor immediately went “Are you baking again?!” If I were to do badly for my A levels (I HOPE NOT), we would probably find chains and locks on the oven door.

It’s 10.40pm now and I’m getting hungry from looking at the photos! The muffins were moist, scrumptious and had the right level of sweetness. While they did taste good, my quest for the perfect BB muffin recipe is far from over!