Alice Medrich’s Cocoa Brownies

This is the best brownie I’ve ever made, and the only brownie recipe that I’ve kept. My brownies used to turn out cake-like, so I gave up on scratch brownies and decided that Betty Crocker pre-mix was the way to go. At least that was until these came along!

I almost went crazy when I saw the thin, crisp sugar layer on top. After all the countless failed attempts, finally! The brownie was fudgy and dense, and best of all, it uses cocoa instead of chocolate bars. The health freak would tell you it’s healthier (the brownie itself is no where near healthy, though), and the miser would call wallet-friendly; I’ll tell you it’s both.

I first baked them for Majestia XXV (my band concert), and then did them again for Eileen on her birthday.

That’s a very amateur looking decor, but cake decoration isn’t my priority for now.

Aww, what a happy birthday girl :>