Domestic disaster: charred muffins.

The last time I checked, it was okay to bake using Toblerone. I was so excited to try out Nigella’s raspberry and white chocolate muffins using blueberries, and I was pretty sure they would be one of the best muffins I’ll ever make. But… Something went terribly wrong. They were supposed to go under “Favourites!”, but now they’re going to “Flops”

I love white Toblerone so much, I can eat them with pancakes. What a pity that the muffins turned out disastrous 😦

Honestly, the batter looked so promising! That was a hell lot of false hopes.

Right from the moment I set the pan in, there was a burning smell, which I casually dismissed. 20 minutes later, they came out of the oven charred. I tried some of them, and the muffin tops still tasted good. The muffin itself wasn’t too bad, but the unsightly carcinogenic parts were a huge turn off, and in my mum’s words, “a health hazard!” There goes my Toblerone 😦

I’m going to try this again though, but only after some read up. Next time round, I’ll use baking chips and make sure they’re way hidden and away from the top so they won’t burn. I confess that I was greedy enough to add 10 additional grams of Toblerone and left them in relatively large chunks. Some of the submerged white chocolate chunks actually oozed out from the muffin tops, leaving a huge black mess on the muffin tray. Le sigh! Any advice anyone? Time to pull up my (baking) socks!!


Blueberry cream muffins

I was angry and bitter with the weather; it was disastrously hot this afternoon but had to rain just before my evening run Since I couldn’t go for my run and there was hardly any homework (I hope I’m right about this), what better place to head than the kitchen!

A little BB therapy goes a long way when your day ain’t going well. I wish I had a DSLR to capture better photos! The other day, I told Mavis that I had three fifty in my DSLR fund. “Three hundred and fifty?” “No, 3 dollars and 50 cents.”

I really love how good muffins smell! You open the oven door, and the aroma diffuses in a split second. My mum who was on the 2nd floor immediately went “Are you baking again?!” If I were to do badly for my A levels (I HOPE NOT), we would probably find chains and locks on the oven door.

It’s 10.40pm now and I’m getting hungry from looking at the photos! The muffins were moist, scrumptious and had the right level of sweetness. While they did taste good, my quest for the perfect BB muffin recipe is far from over!