Happy 18th, Graci!

Graci wanted a giant brownie for her birthday party, and so a giant brownie it is. It was my first big project, and I was honestly afraid of screwing up. I tripled this recipe, but realised that it wasn’t enough to fill the ginormous tray I bought. At 10 pm, I started on 2 more batches of batter but forgot to double the sugar and eggs. I threw in more eggs after adding the flour but left out the sugar. With 5x the recipe but only 4x the sugar (that’s a whopping 800g), the brownies were still sweet. Maybe too even too sweet for Asian palate; I blame it on the M&Ms. I had no idea that the milk chocolate M&Ms were diabetically sweet, and they cost a bomb in Singapore. $6.50 for a 230g bag, that’s a total rip off.

Mum and Dad wanted to try the brownies so I brought some back. Honestly, I think it looks better all mashed up. Because I made 5x the recipe but upped the baking time by only 10 minutes, the brownie had an extremely gooey interior that ended up looking like a dirt cake. I was too afraid to bake it any longer, for fear that the edges would turn out hard and dry.

When we turn up at your barbecue in pyjamas and Spongebob boxers (because you requested so), you know we really love you. Happy 18th Graci! And churning up a (decent) post at 2 in the morning? Sometimes, I surprise myself 😉