I started this blog with the intention of jotting down all baking escapades, but onigiri will do as well! I’ve always had an aversion towards rice, until Graci fed me origini during our torturous 3 period math lecture last week. There were anchovies, seaweed and sesame seed; simple but very, very delicious. Because it was her lunch, I resisted stealing a few more.

When it comes to the long grains that the Chinese eat, I stay away from that. But Japanese rice is different; I remember polishing off a bowl every single meal when I was in Korea.

All you need is some vinegar and furikake , and it’s probably as good as fried rice. You can probably just eat it like that!

I added in wasabi salmon tuna as a filling, but thought that the tuna overpowered the rice. Maybe it would have been better if I mixed the tuna in. You can probably throw in anything you like, salmon, meat, anchovies, anything of your preference. When someone who hates rice says that onirigi is good, it has to be good!